PhD, Psychologist-Psychotherapist,
lecturer and supervisor of IGKB, IPP, IDSDP,
Head of the Center "Mirtus",
Editor-in-Chief of the journal "Symboldrama"
Since 2004 - Master of Psychology. Since 1999, has been training in the program of the International Society of Katathym Image Experience (IGKB) with a specialization: "Psychotherapist using the symboldrama method". Since 2011 - training psychotherapist, lecturer and supervisor of the IGKB. Since 2011 training at the Institute of Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy (IPP) in Potsdam (Germany) under the direction of doctor of medical sciences Wolfgang Lesch. From 2014 became the official lecturer and supervisor in the ImKP method - Imaginative body psychotherapy. Since 2014 - leader of the Ukrainian public organization "Institute for the Development of Symboldrama and Depth Psychology." Since 2017 - head of the psychology center "Mirtus". In 2018 received a Ph.D. in psychology.
My professional interests
Psychosomatic psychotherapy, depth psychology, work with images, symbols, metaphors. In my practice I use psychoanalytic psychotherapy, symboldrama, imaginative body psychotherapy (ImKP), art therapy, coaching. I am interested in man and his inner universe: the relationship of soul and body, consciousness and unconscious, personality and society. I believe that the opportunity to make beautiful the world in which we live is in our hands!
How can I help you?
Together with you we can solve the following tasks:
Relieve symptoms
Reduce the main complaints that currently prevent you from living happily and fully, understand and accept your previous life experience and give it a new meaning.
Increase self-esteem and strengthen personality
Strengthen the sense of inner freedom and personal initiative. Realize your feelings and learn how to manage them. Strengthen your identity.
To cope with difficulties in work and personal life
Learn to enjoy life and achieve a state of calm. Promote the development of psychosomatic competence and effective self-regulation. Enhance your creativity.
Start your changes now!
If you want to make your life happier and more conscious thanks to knowing yourself and your relationship with the outside world, I can help you with this!
Why should you turn to me?
Extensive work experience
Since 2004 I am engaged in private psychological practice. I conduct consultations for adults, children and adolescents, individual, family and group psychotherapy, supervision for specialists, educational programs, seminars and trainings. I work intramural and online. I spent more than 10,000 hours as part of individual and group psychotherapy. I spent more than 10,000 hours of educational seminars, trainings and supervisions.
Constantly improve my skills
I mastered over 20,000 hours of theory and practice in psychology, psychotherapy, psychosomatic medicine, coaching and various humanities. Passed my own training psychoanalytic psychotherapy. I regularly supervise my practice. I continue to constantly improve my professional skills at international conferences, symposia and seminars.
I use various psychotherapy techniques to achieve the most effective results
I integrate all the knowledge I have received in the field of psychology and psychotherapy, individually selecting a work strategy for each client. I skillfully combine approaches of psychoanalytically-oriented and behavioral psychotherapy. I know how to work with the body and psychosomatic problems, use art techniques and elements of coaching.
My professional products
I share my knowledge of modern psychology and psychotherapy
Training in psychology and psychotherapy
Join regular educational projects or buy online courses for self-study.
Buy my books or other creative products
The book "Healing images" about working with psychosomatic diseases. Creative notebook for psychosomatic self-regulation. MAC "Mirtus". Magazines "Symboldrama".
Sometimes all we need is to take only one step towards ourselves, deep into our own soul, in order to discover a new, wonderful world. In this world, endless possibilities open up for us, limited only by our own imagination and creativity. In the process of this fascinating study of ourselves and our inner world, we can become authors and directors of our own life, making it more conscious, high-quality, interesting and filled with meaning. I will gladly be your guide on this transformative journey!
Individual counseling
I provide professional psychological assistance in solving difficulties arising in everyday life, work, communication. Psychological consultation may include emotional support, correction of certain psychological conditions, psychodiagnostics. I will coordinate with the client the results of work, the features of our professional interaction (the number and frequency of meetings, payment, the setting features). Consultation in person or via Skype is possible.
Professional supervision
You have a unique opportunity to improve your professional level, to get answers to your questions and feel involved in the psychotherapeutic community as part of individual or group supervision. You can join the regularly running Skype supervising group that I lead every week.
Training in psychology and psychotherapy
If you are a psychologist, psychotherapist, doctor or pedagogue, you may be interested in studying modern methods of psychotherapy at scientific workshops that I conduct as an assistant professor and teacher of the IGKB and Institute of Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy (IPP, Potsdam, Germany).
My Instagram
Phone: +380990315830
Skype: katerynarodina
I would be glad to get acquainted and cooperate with you!
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